Drilling Fluids AMC

We are the authorized Dealers of AMC range of products.

AMC forms part of Imdex Limited in Australia, a leading Mining-Tech company. It enables clients to drill faster and smarter.  At IMDEX, AMC develops drilling optimization products.


AMC BENTONITE HV™ is a modified, high quality grade bentonite formulated to ensure a high quality bentonite mud can be mix with ease, it provides viscosity and gelling to most water based fluids while also contributing to fluid loss control, helps improve the hole-cleaning capacity of drilling fluids, provides good fluid loss control and a thin, compressible filter cake in the wellbore, Promotes hole stability in poorly consolidated formations, Mixes easily & its economical.

CR650 DRILVIS (Powder Polymer)

AMC CR 650™ is a high molecular weight, powdered polymer which has been developed to improve cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilize the formation. it forms a protective polymer film on the drill pipe and bit as well as on the walls of the bore hole which helps to provide lubrication when drilling in troublesome formations. It is ideally suited for use in horizontal directional drilling, water well, mining and tunneling applications it Promotes more effective removal of solids, promotes rapid settling of cuttings in settling pits & Improves lubricity

CAP 21 (Liquid Polymer)

AMC CAP 21™ is a rapidly yielding, high molecular weight polymer in liquid form that viscosity without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. it helps improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilize the formation. When used in a bentonite fluid AMC CAP 21 helps form a thin, tough filter cake that aids in controlling fluid loss. Easily mixed in low shear environments, Controls sticky clays and inhibits water sensitive, swelling formations, promotes effective settling of drilling solids in surface pits, reduces rod vibration and torque, easily broken down for the development of water wells after setting screens & its economical to use.


AMC BENTONITE PELLETS™ are a highly compressed pellet made from premium sodium bentonite. It has the advantage of achieving greater depths due to the highly compressive nature of the pellet. Does not produce dust when adding, environmentally acceptable, no mixing or pumping equipment required, helps regain circulation, prevent infiltration of surface contamination & Provides a flexible impermeable seal.


AMC SUPERFOAM™ is a biodegradable mixture of anionic surfactants which has been formulated for use in the mineral and water well drilling industries. Rapidly generates high volumes of highly stable foam, reduces borehole erosion when drilling poorly consolidated formations, improves hole cleaning and increases penetration rates, Effective dust suppressant, reduces air requirements, Reduces the tendency of softer clays to stick together, Environmentally acceptable and its economical


SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE is used as a dispersing agent to break down clay and other soil types are injected and allowed to settle in. After a little while an air compressor is used to clean out the borehole using the air-lifting method, it is also used as a water softening agent.


AMC THREAD GREASE is a heavy duty thread compound containing specialized polymers and proprietary additives. It has a wide working temperature range, a low water wash value and aids in preventing corrosion. it is designed to reduce galling and friction and protects the threads from damage, wear and seizing, it is Easily applied, Excellent lubricating properties, Resistant to water wash, Resistant to high temperatures, Exceptional adhesion characteristics, Good anti-wear properties, Good anti-seize and sealing properties and Helps prevent corrosion.

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